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  1. Neutral dispatch by DIE FORMEL e.K.
  2. Special products and functional cosmetics
  3. The story behind koerperpflege.com
  4. Customer opinions, ratings, awards


1. your goods come neutrally packed!

For quite a few customers it seems to be important that our shipments do not reveal anything about the content from the outside. Therefore we send our goods neutrally packed and under our company name registered in the commercial register DIE FORMEL e.K.

Thus neither the deliverer nor the neighbourhood can draw conclusions about the content without further research.

2. problems & solutions through functional cosmetics & medical devices

We only sell selected, tested and (if possible, self-tested products that offer a clear added value compared to purely cosmetic products. We are not only concerned with the beautification of skin and hair but also with the improvement of existing problems. Because pure cosmetic products often only hide an existing problem instead of getting to the root of the problem.

As an example, we would like to address silicones in hair care products: These make the hair look smooth and healthy, but coat the hair shaft and scalp, so that the hair is permanently deprived of oxygen, which can lead to a deterioration in the health of the scalp and hair. Lifeless hair and dandruff are only two of the possible negative consequences of cosmetic products without positive basic properties.

3. claim & history behind koerperpflege.com

Sascha Ballweg (owner) has been running a free self-help forum against excessive sweating and body odour since 1997 due to his hyperhidrosis (pathological sweating). In the year 2005 schwitzen.com was founded as a specialized trade for AHC-antiperspirants. This antiperspirant line from JV Cosmetics is particularly low-irritant and yet highly dosed.

In addition to antiperspirants, devices for tap water iontophoresis and other products were added in the year 2016 which further enhance the positive effects of sweat-reducing agents and may reduce possible side effects such as unpleasant skin irritation. Besides the reduction of the sweat production of the eccrine sweat glands, the focus is on products against strong body odor.

2010 schwitzen.com was awarded the „NEG Website-Award (NRW)” in bronze. This official distinction for outstanding webshops is sponsored by the „Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie” (BMWi) and was awarded for an outstanding service concept.

2012 the assortment was completed by the functional and vegan hair care line "organicum", which was sold in the webshop www.organicum.de. In the course of this, the domains schwitzen.com as well as organicum.de were combined for the first time under www.koerperpflege.com to reflect the entire range of products.

2019 out of technical necessity we start to combine our products under koerperpflege.com in a general catalogue and shopping cart system. As soon as we have implemented this, in the first step the single shop organicum.de will be switched off.

4. customer opinions, ratings, awards

The opinions, reviews and evaluations, but also simple R&uum feedback from our customers are a central component of our success! Although many of our products serve a niche market and are used against problems that are considered a social taboo (body odor, sweating, skin diseases), the quantity and quality of our collected reviews suggest that our customers are so satisfied that they still want to be involved in the quality of our products and our consulting services.Both happens anonymously and is presented in bundles on the following certificate pages.

Product evaluations can be found with the respective product. Please note that the individual shops schwitzen.com, uv-geraet.com as well as organicum.de may have many more reviews that we have not yet moved to the new shop system. However, product reviews can also be found integrated into the customer reviews of our service reviews.

Service ratings Service ratings can be found within the following two certificates
The Trustami Certificate provides a summary of all ratings. This includes the reviews from Amazon, ebay and eKomi. You can find further ratings & opinions about us via Google Business and within Facebook.