Saalux® Dandruff Remover - Refill Bottle (200 ml)

Saalux® Schuppenlöser – Nachfüllflasche (200 ml)
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Contents: Available as a basic variant with soft-tip applicator (75 ml) and refill bottle... more
Contents: Available as a basic variant with soft-tip applicator (75 ml) and refill bottle (200 ml)

Saalux dandruff remover – refill bottle

With grape seed and castor oil to combat dandruff and crusting before UV phototherapy

Dandruff, incrustations and plaques are not only a cosmetic problem for those affected. The accompanying itching leads to scratching with subsequent injury to the already sensitive skin. The local treatment of pathological dandruff requires a complete and at the same time gentle removal of the dandruff. This is the only way that applied medication or phototherapy can have its full effect in the dandruff-forming layer of skin.

Grain seed oil and castor oil as a vegetable base

Saalux® Dandruff Remover is based on a combination of grape seed oil and castor oil, which is characterised by very good creeping properties into the intercellular spaces of dandruff and callus. The fatty acids ensure that the dandruff and cell clusters come off.

Grain seed oil and castor oil have been known as valuable cosmetics since ancient times. In addition to the dandruff-dissolving effect, the two oils care for and soothe sensitive skin. They also have a moisture-binding and anti-inflammatory effect and soothe itching.

Effective and clinically proven

The herbal combination of active ingredients used in Saalux® Dandruff Remover has been proven in clinical use for psoriasis patients for over 15 years. As a rule, 1 - 2 applications are sufficient. Equally important is the easy and gentle washing out after the application time.

The gentle alternative to salicylic acid

Classical dandruff removers are based on the use of urea or salicylic acid in different concentrations. The most common side effects are burning and skin irritation. In addition, there is a risk of intoxication with excessive use or impaired liver or kidney function. Higher combinations of active ingredients are therefore often only approved for adults.

The Saalux dandruff remover, on the other hand, allows a much gentler removal of dandruff without these side effects; it can be used regardless of the age of the user.

The Saalux® Dandruff Remover is available in a 75 ml bottle with soft-tip applicator and a 200 ml refill bottle.

Article type: Refill bottle
Typical areas of application/use: Psoriasis
Contains: Grape seed oil and castor oil
Without / contains none: Urea, salicylic acid
Ergiebigkeit: 1-2 applications
Dosage form: Nachfüllflasche
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Contents: Available as a basic variant with soft-tip applicator (75 ml) and refill bottle...

Saalux UV comb (UV-B 311 nm spectrum) UV B light therapy for psoriasis , vitiligo (white...

Contents: Available as basic variant with soft-tip applicator (75 ml) and refill bottle (200...

€24.75 *
Content: 0.2 litre
Basic price: 1 litre = €123.75 *
€259.00 *
€249.00 *
Content: 1 pc.
€16.85 *
Content: 0.075 litre
Basic price: 1 litre = €224.67 *
Article type

Refill bottle

Light comb

Dandruff Remover

Typical areas of application/use


Psoriasis, vitiligo (white spot disease) and atopic dermatitis (neurodermitis)



Grape seed oil and castor oil


Grape seed oil and castor oil

Without / contains none

Urea, salicylic acid


Urea, salicylic acid


1-2 applications


1-2 applications

Dosage form



Soft-Tip Dropper Bottle



2 years