Saalio® Face Electrode (Face Mask)

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Saalio ® Face mask with graphite fibres can only be used together with a Saalio ®... more

Saalio® Face mask with graphite fibres can only be used together with a Saalio® iontophoresis device

In contrast to other parts of the body, excessive sweating in the face cannot be concealed. The resulting stress only exacerbates the already elevated sweat production. Very frequently, sweat appears in the so-called T-zone (forehead, nose, upper lip, and chin).

The application of tap water Iontophoresis to the face is more challenging than the application to hands, feet and underarms. The surface of the face is very curved so that the usual flat electrode systems are little or not at all suitable.

The anatomically designed Saalio® face electrode facilitates the extended application of tap water Iontophoresis to the face. The shaped mask made of soft fleece adjusts extensively and most of all virtually effortlessly to the contour of the face. The mask completely covers the particularly critical T-zone, including the nose. Moreover, compared to a wet cloth, the multi-layer construction ensures higher flexibility and pliability of the water-soaked mask.

An additional characteristic of the Saalio® face electrode is the generous addition of graphite fibers to the mask. This ensures that electricity is evenly introduced over the entire surface of the face which prevents local current spikes. The softness of the graphite fibers ensures that the face mask maintains its flexibility and pliability.

While the face mask represents the electrical contact surface with the unit, the hands or feet (basin) are required as secondary contact surface so that electricity can flow through the body. In principle, this configuration resembles the application for the combined hand/foot treatment.

Features of the Saalio® Iontophoresis device, which this mask was built for

  • Free choice of treatment: direct current and pulsed current in one unit
  • Free choice of parameters: treatment time, current strength, type of current and direction of current
  • Intuitive operation supported by symbols, large graphic display
  • Continuous feedback on actual current intensity
  • Safety functions to avoid the so-called electric fence effect
  • Immersion detection – device starts automatically
  • Pause function and limit stop switch with acoustic signal
  • Memory function: unit starts with the last parameter setting
  • Soft silicon electrodes with an ample proportion of highly conductive graphite
  • Sponge material made of natural-colored fleece free of coloring agents and preservatives
  • The absence of open electrode contacts ensures safer dealing with electricity
  • Soft, open-pored foam inserts – very comfortable, quick-drying and machine washable
  • Proprietary ergonomically designed treatment basins
  • Breathable textile bag for storage
  • Wide range power adapter for travelling

Scope of delivery

1 x  Saalio® face electrode (face mask)

  • Excellent fit at a head of 52 to 62 cm
Article type: additional article
Typical areas of application/use: Face
Warranty: 30 days money-back-guarantee
Warranty: 1 year
Saalio® face mask for Tap-Water-Iontophoresis for a gentle and effective application against... more

Saalio® face mask for Tap-Water-Iontophoresis

for a gentle and effective application against sweating in the face...

  • T-zone of the face (forehead, nose, upper lip and chin)

The Saalio® facial electrode (face mask) can only be used together with a Saalio® DE iontophoresis device.

With the Saalio® DE iontophoresis device, in combination with the face mask, sweating of the face, hand sweat and foot sweat (the latter also simultaneously) and sweating under the armpits* can be treated particularly effectively. Take advantage of all the benefits of pulse/direct current therapy in a single device!

* Note: Please note that you will need additional Saalio® underarm pads (2 x underarm sponges incl. axis electrodes) for the treatment of the armpits, which we offer here as an option.

Tip: The Saalio® face mask can only be used together with the Saalio® DE iontophoresis device or in the FA complete set.

Pleasant pulse current can effectively prevent sweating in the face (forehead, nose, upper lip and chin).

With the matching Saalio® DE iontophoresis device (this set also includes a mandatory treatment tub with tub electrode), sweating in the face, hand sweat and simultaneously foot sweat, and even sweating under the armpits* can be treated particularly effectively (*axis(armpits) electrodes are available as an option).

You can easily document the type and extent of your therapy as well as your treatment progress in the application diary supplied. This way you always have access to the duration and settings that are most beneficial from your own experience.

The face electrode is suitable for a head circumference of 52 to 62 cm. Details of use can be found in the colour illustrated instructions for use enclosed with the Saalio®. These are clear, easy to understand and enable you to start your therapy quickly in just a few minutes.

Contraindications - iontophoresis must never be used for...

  • metallic implants in the head area, (e.g. dental implants or inlays)
  • Skin diseases in the area of the face to be treated and at the opposite pole
  • Users with a pacemaker
  • Users with an ICD (implanted cardiode defibrillator)
  • Pregnancy
  • metal intrauterine pessaries (coil)
  • Metal implants in the area of the current flow (arms or legs)
  • large skin defects / wounds that cannot be covered with Vaseline
  • severely limited sensitivity in hands and feet (e.g. polyneuropathy)
  • Users with cardiac arrhythmia
  • Users with seizure disorders (epilepsy)
  • Users with malignant (malignant) diseases in the application area
  • Users with severe local inflammation or thrombosis (blood clot)
  • Users with severe circulatory problems
  • Children under 6 years
  • demented users
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Saalio ® Face mask with graphite fibres can only be used together with a Saalio ®...

Effective against sweating under the armpits, on the face and other sensitive areas, especially...

Saalio ® FA-Set – Iontophoresis device for the treatment of the face, hands and feet...

€129.01 *
€120.00 *
Content: 1 pc.
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Content: 0.03 litre
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Content: 1 pc.
Article type

additional article


Iontophoresis Set

Typical areas of application/use


Armpits, abdomen, chest, head (face, scalp), back, neck




Skin caring and soothing herbs


Active ingredient content


approx. 20 %


Skin compatibility


für empfindliche bis normale Haut




approx. 2 years (with 50 ml and axillary application)


Dosage form


Dropper bottle







30 days money-back-guarantee

30 days money-back-guarantee

30 days money-back-guarantee


1 year


2 years

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